ISA Membership Requirements for Fall 2018

  1. Be a University of Hawaii at Mānoa student
  2. Register by Thursday, September 13, 5:30PM

ISA Participation:

  1. Participate in 2 event planning committees (International Night & one other) OR co-chair 1 event, as needed
  2. Participate fundraising events and/or community service events
  3. Attend weekly general meetings (miss no more than 3)
  4. Attend event committee meetings (ISA events, International Night, Fundraiser event etc.)
  5. Make new friends and HAVE FUN!!!

ISA Award Nominations:

  1. King Kamehameha Award
    1. The award is given to an ISA member who is the best model for others in ISA
    2. Displays the qualities of a great leader. This ISA member has good vision
    3. Actively promotes the goals of ISA. He or she is reliable, responsible, organized, enthusiastic, motivates others and takes initiatives
  2. Aloha Award
    1. This award is given to an ISA member who displayed qualities of true friendship and shows the true aloha spirit
    2. This ISA member is someone that can trust and turns to when help is needed. He or she is supportive, caring, understanding, listens and is sensitive to the other people around him or her
  3. Rainbow Award
    1. This award is given to an ISA member who shows great levels of commitment and enthusiasm
    2. This ISA member displays a positive attitude and shows willingness to do things
    3. He or she always gives his or her best, volunteers, participates and shows great initiative

If you have any questions or concerns about the active member requirements, please send an e-mail to [email protected]